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What is

A free service where you can see what has been published in Denmark and the holdings of Danish libraries.
You can request the items on Danish libraries, but you have to be a member of the library you choose.
The English version of the site does not have exactly the same functions as the Danish one.

New service - search scientific articles

This new service gives you the opportunity to request articles previously reserved for university students and employees.
Your local library will notify you when you can pick up your article. It takes 4-10 working days.

Search scientific articles

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The site is in Danish.

App for

Get our app for your mobile in Android Market (Play Store) or in Apple's AppStore.

appikon til

You can also open the mobile site here: (Only available in Danish)

Favourite libraries

With favourite libraries:
- the request procedure is quicker
- the availability information is only one click away.

More about Favourite libraries

Use Net libraries

Net libraries are a number of useful services when searching information on the Internet

You may contact a librarian if you need personal service.

Maintenance work on Sunday's site will be closed most of the day due to maintenance work Sunday 6th April.


Fill in the name (or part of) of the author.
eg.: luhmann
The order of the names makes no difference.

Look up the author
Fill in the letters from the surname of the author that you are certain of, eg.
Click Look up the author and you'll see a list of authors. Make your choice from the list - later you can use Refine search.


Fill in one (or more) words from the title.
If you write several words, they'll be combined with an "and" eg.:
kite runner

Look up the title
Fill in the beginning of the title, eg.
far from the
Click Look up the title and you'll see a list of titles in Make your choice from the list - later you can use Refine search.


Fill in your subject - you can include a wildcard, ? or *, if in doubt, eg. doping? rather than doping
If you write several words, they'll be combined with an "and".
eg.: diet? cancer

Look up the subject
Fill in the first word or beginning of the word... , eg.: magic
Click Look up the subject and you'll see a list of subject headings used in Make your choice from the list - later you can use Refine search.


What is Free text?
Here you search the majority of the data in the records
Put a wildcard - ? or * - when in doubt
Do not put an "and" between words.


The drop-down list is in three sections:
- the 6 most frequently used languages
- the next frequently used languages
- in the bottom a link to a total list of languages


Select year
You only need to do this, if your search result is too big


Library type
Use Research libraries (includes academic, university and special libraries) when you are certain that you only need scholarly works.
Use Public libraries, when you are sure that what you want is held by public libraries.


Add format
You can either use the drop-down-list
or click
Add format. Then you'll get a pop-up-window where you also can browse all formats and then make your choices.


What is WAYF?
WAYF means Where Are You From.

WAYF is connecting institutions with external services used by the institutions' users.
With WAYF you only have to log in at your own institution in order to get access to services such as journal databases, library databases and similar.

Read more about WAYF