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[+] Socialvidenskabernes skyggefigur
Tekst: Bjørn Thomassen
I: Weekendavisen, 2013-12-27
Bestil uanset udgave:   Bestil AVISARTIKEL: 'Socialvidenskabernes skyggefigur - I: Weekendavisen - 2013' nu
Emne: Kierkegaard, Søren ; sociologi ; samfundsvidenskab ; etik ; filosofi
Samfundsvidenskaberne har også suget til sig fra Søren Kierkegaards univers. Se bare på Karl Mannheim, Max Weber, Theodor Adorno eller Hannah Arendt
AVISARTIKEL: Weekendavisen. - 2013-12-27. - Ideer, s. 12 : ill. • 49 biblioteker •
tekst: Bjørn Thomassen

I: Weekendavisen. - 2013-12-27. - Ideer, s. 12 : ill.
[+] Er kapitalismen et produkt af kristendommen?
Tekst: Jannie Iwankow
I: Kristeligt dagblad, 2013-11-21
Bestil uanset udgave:   Bestil AVISARTIKEL: 'Er kapitalismen et produkt af kristendommen? - I: Kristeligt dagblad - 2013' nu
Emne: Weber, Max ; den vestlige verden ; kristendom ; historie ; kapitalisme
Den tyske økonom og sociolog Max Weber påpegede en sammenhæng mellem protestantismen og udviklingen af kapitalismen. Andre mener, at grundstenene til kapitalismen blev lagt meget tidligere af katolske munke
AVISARTIKEL: Kristeligt dagblad. - 2013-11-21. - Sektion 2, s. 3 : ill. • 51 biblioteker •
tekst: Jannie Iwankow

I: Kristeligt dagblad. - 2013-11-21. - Sektion 2, s. 3 : ill.
Bestil uanset udgave:   Gå til netversion
Emne: Weber, Max, f. 1864 ; politisk filosofi ; politisk teori ; politik
Niveau: fagligt niveau ; alment niveau
Indføring i Max Webers (1864-1920) tanker om politik med udgangspunkt i hans krav om videnskabens værdifrihed og hans tanker om en principiel værdikonflikt

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NET: 1. udgave. Jurist- og Økonomforbundet, sælges på internettet, 2013. (Statskundskabens klassikere)
tekst: Hans Henrik Bruun
140 sider
Serie: Statskundskabens klassikere
Niveau: fagligt niveau ; alment niveau
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Beskrivelsen baseret på det fysiske forlæg
Med litteraturhenvisninger
ISBN: 978-87-574-9524-9
Indhold: Indledning ; Metodologien ; Politisk sociologi : herredømme, ordener, skat, legitimitet ; Bureaukratiet ; Staten i den internationale politik : den politiske etik ; Den protestantiske etik og kapitalismens ånd ; Webers indflydelse og aktualitet ; Nøglebegreber ; Uddrag af Webers originaltekster
Emne: Anthropology of religion ; Ecstasy ; Charisma (Personality trait) ; Social & cultural anthropology, ethnography ; Religion general ; Society
Summary: According to Max Weber, charisma is opposed to bureaucratic order. This collection reveals the limits of that formula. The contributors show how charisma is a part of cultural frameworks while retaining its ecstatic character among American and Italian Catholics, [...] Syrian Sufis, Taiwanese Buddhists, Hassidic Jews, and Amazonian shamans, among others. How can the irrational force of charisma co-exist within rationalized religious institutions? To answer this question, this book provides the first comparative anthropological explorations of charisma as it occurs among Charismatic Catholics, Evangelical Protestants, Sufis, Hassidic Jews, Buddhist cultists, and Native American shamans in locations ranging from Massachusetts to Syria; from Taiwan to the Dominican Republic; from Angola to the jungles of Paraguay, from Rome to Brooklyn. These cases reveal how various religious traditions incorporate ecstatic charismatic experiences within their overarching organizational systems, and so provide new insight into the nature of religion today
Review: "This edited volume makes a significant contribution to scholarship in the fields of anthropology, anthropology of religion, and sociology of religion, among other areas. Charisma is intriguing as a thematic focus because by its very nature it inspires and goes beyond rationality." Rebecca Sachs Norris, Professor of Religious and Theological Studies, Merrimack College, USA "We owe Charles Lindholm a great debt for extending charisma's empirical reach and conceptual subtlety. This brilliant collection of anthropological essays explores the tensions between charismatic persons and social institutions in diverse settings from Paraguay to Taiwan. Timely, lucid and engaging, it is an anthropological gem." - Bryan S. Turner, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York, USA "No anthropologist has made as sustained a contribution to the study of charisma in the Weberian tradition as Charles Lindholm, and this collection of ethnographic studies by his students and colleagues consolidate his leadership in this area. These chapters penetratingly examine charisma not only as the personal attribute of a leader but also as a feature of ritual performance across a wide range of religious traditions. They offer a compelling vision of charisma as a radical spiritual force." - Thomas J. Csordas, Professor of Anthropology, University of California, San Diego, USA, and author of Language, Charisma, and Creativity: Ritual Life in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal "A major contribution on a topic of ever-growing importance. This volume changes the face of the social scientific study of charisma, hitherto focused primarily on Western religious and historical settings. The contributors examine charismatic processes from around the world and across the religious spectrum, revealing both a wealth of variation and a surprisingly recognizable experiential core." - Andrew Buckser, Professor of Anthropology and Dean of Arts and Science, State University of New York at Plattsburgh, USA
NET: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013. (Contemporary anthropology of religion) • 1 bibliotek •
Charles Lindholm, 1946-
264 s.
Serie: Contemporary anthropology of religion
Charles Lindholm is University Professor of Anthropology at Boston University, USA. His most recent books are Culture and Authenticity (2008) and The Struggle for the World: Liberation Movements for the Twenty-first Century (co-authored with Jose Pedro Zuquete, 2010)
Electronic book text
Epublication based on: 9781137377623, 2013
ISBN: 9781137377630
ISBN: 1137377631
Anskaffelsesvilkår: £59.50. £59.50
Indhold: Introduction: Charisma in Theory and Practice-- Charles Lindholm PART I: PERFORMING CHARISMA 1. Performing the Charismatic Ritual-- Keping Wu 2. Knowledge and Miracles: Modes of Charisma in Syrian Sufism-- Paulo G. Pinto PART II: GENDERING CHARISMA 3. Female Sufis in Syria: Charismatic Authority and Bureaucratic Structure-- Gisele Fonseca Chegas 4. The Gender of Charisma: Notes from a Taiwanese Buddhist Transnational NGO-- C. Julia Huang-Lemmon 5. Residual Masculinity and the Cultivation of Negative-Charisma in a Caribbean Pentecostal Community-- Brendan Jamal Thornton PART III: CHARISMA AND POLITICS 6. Extraordinary Times: Charismatic Repertoires in Contemporary African Prophetism-- Ruy Llera Blanes 7. The Routinization of Improvisation in Ava-Guarani Shamanic Leadership-- Eric Michael Kelley PART IV: POSTHUMOUS CHARISMA 8. Unruly Miracles: Embodied Charisma and Modern Sainthood, from Padre Pio to "Papa Buono"-- Sara M. Bergstresser 9. Habad, Messianism, and the Phantom Charisma of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Scheerson-- Yoram Bilu
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Emne: Capitalism. China ; Economic development. China ; Sociology & anthropology. China ; Comparative politics. China ; Marxism & Communism. China ; Economic history. China ; Society ; China. Economic policy ; China. Foreign economic relations ; China. Politics and government
Summary: This book is a concise historical and conceptual analysis, from a self-reflective Marxist point of view, of China's positioning in capitalist world history. Reviewing relevant debates, [...] the book provides a critical evaluation of established knowledge about China and asks if a Chinese model is feasible as an alternative to standardized modernity. China and Global Capitalism is a historical and conceptual analysis of China's position and positioning in the world. Reviewing relevant debates, Lin Chun clarifies the evolving relationship between China and global capitalism, past, present, and possible future, and offers a critical reflection on received knowledge about China and the resulting expectations and recommendations for its development, which are largely dependent on the standardization of capitalist trajectories. Against the historical and international background of China's revolutionary, socialist, and post-socialist transformations, this book assesses the logic and crises of capitalist integration. It asks whether a renewed Chinese social model is still feasible as an alternative with potentially universal implications to the eco-socioeconomic impasse of standard modernization. Rejecting both economically and culturally deterministic approaches, the book argues for the centrality of transformative politics
Review: "A ringing political manifesto for a reinvigorated socialism. Lin Chun is no starry eyed dreamer. She offers pragmatic hope, a must for our times. China and Global Capitalism calls on all of us to have a pessimism of the intellect and an optimism of the will. This book honors the legacies of China's century of revolutions, arguing that a China model - one that embraces a substantive democracy by direct producers and citizens - can still be found in the interstices of China's current momentous transformations and that it behooves all of us to embrace these legacies before they are lost." - Lisa Rofel, author of Desiring China: Experiments in Neoliberalism, Sexuality, and Public Culture "Amidst all the celebratory hype about the 'China model,' readers of China and Global Capitalism will find eye-opening Lin Chun's argument that if China is to overcome its accumulating problems, and offer a genuine alternative to capitalist development, it will have to reinvent socialism drawing upon its revolutionary past. The discussion grounds China's development historically within a changing global environment. It is empowered by the author's theoretical sophistication and political engagement." - Arif Dirlik, author of Culture and History in Postrevolutionary China: The Perspective of Global Modernity "This brilliant book makes a great contribution to the historical research, theoretical exploration, and political debates surrounding China. Lin Chun locates her reflections in a broad historical context, which ranges from classical questions posed by Adam Smith, Max Weber, and Karl Marx to the diverse new trends of historical interpretation. Her succinct and incisive analysis offers a much-needed perspective." - Wang Hui, author of The End of the Revolution: China and the Limits of Modernity "This is a profound, provocative, and truly inspirational book. Lin Chun's compelling 'socialist China model' is both visionary and historically grounded, universalist and locally based. It will be the only desirable and practical option for China. Anybody who is seriously interested in China and its place in the world must read this lucid and timely book-a twenty-first century Chinese communist manifesto and a brilliant and ground-breaking contribution to ongoing global intellectual efforts to renew Marxism and reimagine socialist politics." - Yuezhi Zhao, author of Communication in China: Political Economy, Power and Conflict
NET: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013 • 1 bibliotek •
276 s.
Lin Chun teaches at the London School of Economics, UK and co-edits Palgrave Macmillan's China in Transformation series. She is the author of The British New Left (1993), The Transformation of Chinese Socialism (2006), and Reflections on China's Reform Trajectory (2008, in Chinese). She is also the editor of China I, II and III (2000) and co-editor of Is Mao Really a Monster? (2009) and Women: The Longest Revolution (1997, in Chinese)
Electronic book text
Epublication based on: 9781137301253
ISBN: 9781137301260
ISBN: 1137301260
Anskaffelsesvilkår: £62.50. £62.50
Indhold: PART I 1. Positioning China in World Capitalist Development 2. Debating History: from 'Oriental Society' to 'Great Divergence' PART II 3. Chinese Socialism and Global Capitalism 4. The Politics of China's Self-positioning 5. Can There Be a Chinese Model? 6. Class, Direct Producers, and the Impasse of Modernization 7. The Rise of the Social: for a Communist Moral Economy PART III 8. Toward a Historical Materialist Universalism 9. Marxism and the Interpretation of China
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